CARE Specialists are professionals who have gone through a rigorous selection and training process. What sets a CARE Specialist apart is the unique 360° CARE Model that extends beyond being a training tool. Specialists are trained by experts in the Healthcare sector, and are equipped with skills that ensures that they deliver client-centred care of the highest quality. It also creates a learning environment that shapes confident specialised caregivers with interpersonal, critical-thinking, and personal care skills.

Course curriculum

CARE Specialists go through a mandatory 165-hour course that covers competencies, using adult learner-centered methods.

CARE Training Quality Assurance

Relevant Competencies
  • All Specialists are required to fulfill CARE’s stringent competency requirements
  • Skills portable across all long-term living settings
  • Incorporate a range of both hands-on & soft skills
Credential System
  • Specialists are ranked based on defined training and achievement standard, allowing pre-employment competency evaluation
Niche Skills
  • Criteria set to evaluate Specialist’s niche skills (e.g. behavioural health, dementia care)
Training System
  • Within and outside workforce development system, including employer-based training
Career Development Support
  • CARE believes in the development of our workers which inevitably benefits our care recipients
  • By establishing clear pathways within education and healthcare systems
Financial Incentives
  • Designed for both direct care workers and employers to reward increments based on levels of competency
Quality Measures
  • Formally regulating the quality of programs offered to direct-care workers, ensuring a consistent high quality of Specialists

Why CARE uses competency-based training?

Content of this curriculum is based on CARE’s analysis of the competencies that direct-care workers need in order to provide personal care services to care recipients, in whatever setting they reside. By competency we mean:

  • The capability to apply or use a set of related knowledge, skills, and abilities required to successfully perform “critical work functions” or tasks in a defined work setting.
  • The value of using the term competency is that it brings the focus on what someone needs to objectively know and do in order to perform a job proficiently. It takes the emphasis away from classroom hours and passing tests and puts the focus on on-the-job performance.

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