Live Well With CARE

CARE provides a comprehensive host of high quality and affordable home care solutions.
Our CARE plans give you more choice and flexibility in meeting the needs of your loved ones.

Dedicated Caregivers

Our specialised caregivers go the extra mile to ensure the comfort, health, safety and happiness of each care recipient. They are trained caregivers who are capable of managing wheelchair and bed-bound patients as well as those with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Stroke, Visual/Hearing Impairment, Parkinson’s and other debilitating illnesses.

Experienced & Trained

All our caregivers have gone through a rigorous selection process and are professionally trained and certified based on our CARE curriculum. Many have geriatric or nursing experience with a great passion for caregiving. We will help you find the perfect caregiver who suits your needs.

Integrated & Holistic Care System

CARE believes that living well in the golden years requires more than simple nursing or housekeeping care. Our 360° CARE Model addresses every caregiving aspect – from hygiene and pain management to diet care.

Care Holistic Package

Enjoy Full Comprehensive Service
No Hidden Costs

Package includes:

  • Personal Consultation
  • Mandatory applications & fees
  • Personal Accident and Medical Insurance
  • 6 months of CARE’s Continuum of Care (CCC)
  • Caregiver’s counseling and 24/7 contact with CARE Consultants
  • Medical check-up
  • Security bond to MOM & Bond Protection
  • Other value-added services

For a detailed list of items included in the Package and pricing, please contact