What’s The Difference?


CARE Specialists

Live-in Domestic Helper

Full-time Nursing Home

Caregiving Capacity

Full, dedicated capacity based on our holistic 360° CARE Model

Limited to basics

Varies with each caregiving staff responsible for multiple patients


Every CARE specialist is extensively trained by professionals in the sector at our Training Academy.

Limited geriatric care training

Standards vary across the different homes


Absolute, one-on-one and professional dedication to caregiving, especially for the elderly

Varies, young live-in helpers with little experience may have lower motivation and patience

24/7 dedicated care, however, they have numerous patients to care for


Affordable and cost-effective. Cost varies depending on experience and expertise.

Lower or comparable cost

Comparable or higher cost


Promotes ageing-in-place. Patients are fully cared for in their own familiar home environment.

Promotes ageing-in-place in familiar home environments but care may be compromised


Ease of mind

With live-in specialised care, you’re always aware and reassured of your loved ones’ well-being.

Lack of experience and little financial gains may result in lower motivation for dedicated care

Round the clock expert services. However, you’ll need to travel to regularly visit your loved ones

Visa Type

 FDW workpass

FDW workpass

Not applicable