CARE’s Continuum of Care (CCC)

A 6-month follow-up program to support the care recipient, family members of the care recipient and the specialised caregiver.

Our CARE Consultants are recognised experts and vital participants in the care coordination team. They will help you understand and access quality, efficient health care. CARE Consultants’ practice extends across all health care settings, including payer, provider, government, employer, community, and home environment. This includes but not limited to:

  • Care setting: e.g. wellness and prevention, acute, or rehabilitative
  • Health conditions and needs of the client(s) served
  • Needs of the family/caregivers, such as critical care, asthma, renal failure, hospice care
  • Reimbursement method applied, such as the various grants and schemes available

CCC’s Objectives

  • Promote aging-in-place. Care recipients are fully cared for in their own familiar home environment with linkages to health and social services thus, improving their quality of life.
  • Equip caregiver/family members of the care recipient with caregiving knowledge and skills.
  • Enhance caregiver’s skills/knowledge to prevent unnecessary hospital re-admission and institutionalisation by enhancing on caregiver's knowledge and skills.
  • Provision of on-going caregiver support to caregiver/family members of care recipient to reduce caregiving stress.

What Can You Expect?

Information & Referral

Provide care recipient and family members with adequate information in order to make informed choices.

Case Management Service

Serves as a means for achieving care recipient’s wellness and autonomy through advocacy, communication, education, identification of service resources and service facilitation.

Steps in CCC Process

  • Assessment and needs identification
  • Development of the case management plan
  • Implementation and coordination of care activities
  • Evaluation of the case management plan and follow-up
  • Termination of the case management process

Caregiving Training

When the need arises, we will co-ordinate Caregiving Training and give assistance to the family of care recipient to apply for caregiving training grant (S$200/financial year).

Foreign Domestic Worker Grant

We assist the family of care recipient to apply for foreign domestic worker grant (monthly grant of $120) to support those who need to hire an FDW to care for their loved ones with at least moderate disability.

Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) Levy Concession for Persons with Disabilities

We will assist our clients, if they are eligible for this scheme by escalating them to our Medical Team to conduct the assessment in order to qualify for a lower monthly concessionary FDW levy of $120 (instead of $265).